Status on Signal flags quilt

What’s going on with the Signal flags quilt? Well, the centimetres gave me cold feet and the colours of Kona that I chose looked better on-screen than in real life, but luckily I’ve found a swatch card that I’ll buy once my finances are a bit better and until then I’ll work with the colours that have been approved by yours truly. I haven’t abandoned this quilt at all and it is indeed a Christmas pressie for the parents. This is perfectly all right in our family and they won’t use it before the sailing season starts again, usually in the end of May or beginning of June on their part.

First, however, I’ll have to recalculate the quilt in inches. It’s not that much of a biggie, I’ll just convert from 10 cm to 4″ although the latter will be a bit larger, which in turn means I won’t be a able to use sashing in one single width. I expect that to be rather unnoticed though, should the quilting be some form of straight lines. We’ll see, I’m always up for a challenge.

I’ll recalculate this week and will then proceed to create a new plan with mid-May as deadline. A rough estimate would be to finish the flags by the last of February, piece the quilt top and back in March (including a still unknown appliqué which already excites me!), and proceed to quilting the beauty (I can afford to be optimistic still, but we’ll see how I sound like in April) during April and the beginning of May. But first some math!


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