iPad sleeve and a new year

Happy new year, everyone! It has been quite a while since I wrote here last time, but there have been some ups and downs in my personal life that have taken their toll. I’m back at the sewing machine now, though, and managed to whip up an iPad sleeve during December, as well, but first I would like to share the strategy that I came up with for the coming six months during my session of setting goals for 2012.

I suck at discipline when it comes to the “grown-up stuff” of managing my own time during the days. My life changed rather drastically in the end of August last year upon finding out that I would be unemployed as per September and so I did some soul-searching whilst looking for jobs (within my area there are basically no open positions since they are mostly letting go of people instead of hiring). The results of phone calls, emails and scanning of job boards were depressing and, after having spoken to an old boss of mine, I found myself in a position where I may stay unemployed for several years and even then there might still be no job for me.

At Etsy, I opened a shop and some goals for this year are to work on marketing and other things to make it “pop”, stand out from the crowd. Even more exciting is a project that I’ll keep private for now, but it will keep me occupied full-time during all of spring, which is why I had to push myself against the wall to admit that a person can dabble with too many things at once and never produce anything of consequence, only half-finished stuff all over the place. I don’t want to be that unorganized creature anymore, so for now I’ll sew on Sunday mornings and Monday evenings. Why? Because I will make Sunday sacred, a day of rest and recreation. Up until January of this year, Sundays have been sacrificed for home maintenance of the most various kinds and I’m sick of it, especially since it has been happening only due to disorganization (the tasks might very well have been done some previous day but then I was busy procrastinating).

Sunday mornings are perfect since the afternoon will be spent cooking, walking in our beautiful nature, reading a good book and such. It is also a good day due to the fact that I can sew longer, should I so desire. A couple of piles will be all right to leave out for Monday evening, but then the piles have to be gone. I’m a piler, too, in case someone was wondering. We haven’t eaten at the kitchen table for weeks until my sister came by for dinner last Sunday; lame and quite awful really. Not my sister or her eating with us, of course, but me piling the table full of junk that should have been stored in their proper places or at least elsewhere. But that ended through my tough love towards myself and I’m very pleased to report that we have eaten breakfast (gasp!) at the kitchen table (more gasps!) three mornings (wow!) in a row (how organized! gasp!). Yeah baby.

Due to all the piles on my kitchen table, it is quite an achievement that I managed to whip up an iPad sleeve while also being confronted with numerous new techniques and materials. Doesn’t “whipping up” make you think of whipped cream, by the way? I used Elizabeth Hartman’s pattern for a laptop sleeve written for Sew, Mama, Sew! and since it was primarily for laptops, I was quite nervous whether I would screw it up or not.

Sec… *off to make hot chocolate with whipped cream* *back, yum*

Anyway, what use is there in talking about an iPad sleeve unless I give you proof of its existence?


As you can see, the flap of the sleeve is not quite in the middle, but such is life when one is practicing. Doesn’t bother me that much, maybe I’m drifting away from perfectionism finally? Would be good.


And while we’re at it, the back isn’t perfect either, although I managed to match the pattern rather nicely between front and back. See the top stitching? I never even heard of top stitching before tackling this iPad sleeve tutorial, but now I know.

Flap and velcro

I had trouble finding velcro in a colour that would match the fabrics, but was lucky enough to stumble upon this dark blue kind. The two strips sit quite in the middle of where they are supposed to sit (horizontally, that is), but next photo will reveal a little hickup.


Hrm, the lining fabric was supposed to go in the other direction of course, with the little crown on top of the head and not below. What happened was me concentrating veeery hard to get the fronts and backs of lining and transistor fabric correctly placed in relation to each other so I wouldn’t end up with a white inside of the sleeve. I’m talking of yet another novelty for a newbie seamstress like me; fusible interfacing. Gah. That was exciting! Instead, I have a flap with correctly placed lining and the inside upside down. Perfect practice to chill for a perfectionist… It’s  not like I will open the whole thing to sew stuff again either; go with the flow, learn to accept mistakes, be wild.

Velcro oops

My little velcro oops made me laugh out loud. Somewhere along the line I screwed up distances, but the velcro still does its job so I’m fine with it. Good god, how old my hand looks in this photo though. It’s weird not being smooth-skinned anymore. Oh well, maybe at least some of the lines tell stories of great wisdom?

iPad in its sleeve

My iPad likes its sleeve, doesn’t puke in there, and the blue colours fit each other better than the photos might insinuate, so all is well. The last take-home message I want to mention from this project is the colour of the thread; should have matched it better to the base colour of the canvas cotton, but one lives as one learns (I like this saying better than the other way around). Same goes for the blue thread used for sewing the velcro as well as the chosen stitch type; I had never sewn velcro either so a few times the seam ripper did come out (alongside a couple of curses, but I won’t tell you more about that). There’s probably some great advice online that I’ll have to dig out next time I’m working with it, especially if the item is for someone else.

There were so many new things that I have to say I was more challenged than I ever thought I’d be when embarking on the project. It was great fun!

* * *


  • Ruby Star Rising, Transistors orange by Melody Miller for Kokka (ah, she’s so talented! I’d love to get a yard or two of her typewriters, Ruby Star Shining!)
  • unknown, bought at a closing sale as quarter meter or whatever; selvage doesn’t say anything and I forgot to ask

4 thoughts on “iPad sleeve and a new year

  1. Berenike

    Looks fantastic, love the simple layout with such colourful fabrics! and never mind such small things as pieces not being right in the middle: nobody ever notices them except the maker :D

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Thanks for your kind words! You are my first commentor (-ter? Sorry, my brain hurts from too much wine had at parents’ birthday party) and I’m so happy it was a nice one :) I’ll take a peak at your blog soon!


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