Inches rule!

You cannot believe how excited I was yesterday upon finding a couple of inch rulers! I bought a 14″ x 14″ one and a 6″ x 6″ inch one, both manufactured by Omnigrid. There is supposedly one single store left here in Helsinki that sells quilting-related stuff and for some reason they are closing this week. I have my theory about that one (waaay too expensive fabrics and no possibility to buy lengths shorter than 1 meter, which is completely idiotic considering how many small pieces of different fabrics a quilter is interested in using in most projects; I wanted to buy two half-meter pieces of different fabrics but ended up putting the bolts back so they didn’t get a sale *eye rolling*), but since they had reduced everything with 60 %, the rulers mentioned above were accompanied by a triangle ruler too.

I’m still short on a tall inch ruler, but it will have to wait. My only complaint regarding the square Omnigrid rulers is that they move much easier than Olfa, so I might try to get an Olfa tall one from Amazon or some other online store. The important thing is that my current projects based on inches can move to the cutting phase for me to get more practice on being precise in measuring the lovely fabrics.

The last complaint of today is my cutting mat; it is too small. The size was recommended to me by a quilting teacher, but what the heck, it is so small that one can barely cut properly on its 24 x 18 inches. Once my finances have been stabilized after all the buying of basics for this hobby, I am definitely investing in a larger mat (which I even have a storage solution for already, the same as for the current mat; pinched onto a trouser hanger with felt on both insides, hanging between the clothing and the side wall of the closet).

But on to describing some cutting that I did yesterday! In the meantime I will dream of a large table covered with a dinosaur-sized cutting mat, hehe.


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