Signal flags quilt – A game plan

The fabrics for my Signal flags quilt for the darling parents have been chosen, but not all of them have arrived yet. In fact, I haven’t even bought the yellow one yet and the blue that looked very much darker on screen might be switched to another blue, which should be delivered this week. Otherwise, I’m very pleased with the fabrics, both colours and quality.

I just finished calculating the sizes for the flag patches and it won’t be easy to cut them correctly, but since I’m using centimeters I will add 1,5 cm seam allowance to a patch and then trim down to 1,2 cm. I’m really beginning to unlike the SI units, but they just happen to make the most sense on this quilt, so centimeters it is. After this quilt, I think I might go off of SI completely in favour of inches, but we’ll see how I feel once it is finished.

My game plan for the 26 signal flags is to cut and sew one letter a day starting tomorrow, which would mean all flags might be done by 31 October. The sashing should then be pretty straight forward and the two borders, the size of which I am still undecided about, would be the most difficult parts to piece together. Or rather, the grey zone will be, but I refuse to freak myself out about that one now.

During October I will also have to research batting as I don’t know whether I can find any good stuff here in Finland. At least the fabric department has been a bit depressing, but you never know until you know, right?


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