Placemats holiday sew-along

I need placemats and I need a deadline that others are following while making the same thing, so the Color Blocks Placemats and Napkins Sew-Along based on a pattern by Elizabeth Hartmann, hosted by her at Sew, Mama, Sew!, sounds like a fantastic idea. Although the sew-along is a holiday one, I have chosen fabrics that fit the kitchen colours all year.


The fabrics:

  • White: Kona White by Robert Kaufman
  • Beige with white stripes: Vaakaviiva VII by Fujiwo Ishimoto for Marimekko in 1981 (rather heavy-weight)
  • Beige, brown and black stripes on white: Riihi by Katsuji Wakisaka for Marimekko in 1975 (also heavy)
  • Black with white stripes: Paasi by Pentti Rinta for Marimekko in 1976 (also heavy)

The placemat back will be made with a scrap white fabric from an old tablecloth of unknown origin and for binding I will use black bias tape that I have already. According to the instructions there should be four fabrics, but I don’t have anything that fits these so I’ll make more of the three coloured ones instead.


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