Tutorials online – Organizing the fabric stash

I figure it is a good idea to have a plan – before more fabric begins to fill my home – on how to organize it, so here is what I have found so far. These are some interesting reads, because not one way is obviously more right than the others:

  • Organizing – Thoughts Needed | The Sometimes Crafter
  • Step One (of many) | Oh, Fransson!
  • Stash Evolution | Lulubloom
  • Fabric overload | vintage modern quilts

I’m also thinking I’ll sew my own “crates” that would sit on a shelf on its side instead of the floor – because I don’t want any plastic into the house any more than really necessary these days. I would practice my button-hole making and add protective crate covers, which would obviously hang down like a curtain in that position, to keep the fabrics clean. My plan is to buy fabrics mostly when I have a clear idea on how to use them, so I won’t ever have as large a stash as can be found through the links above, but they still deserve to be treated well. It is an investment after all!

I still have no idea of which of the three to pick, but most likely it will be a fusion somehow.


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