A new ironing board

My old ironing board needed a new fabric and cushioning, it had a bent hook at “my height”, it was rather narrow and as icing on the cake very wobbly at the tallest heights, so it is about to find a new home after a decade of infrequent service (I dislike very much ironing anything laundered). To make quilting more fun as well as easier I decided to treat myself to a new ironing board, but also realize I should start taking better care of any purchase I make, so enter ironing board cover!

The fabric I have used was a (rather square, therefore not very tall as you will see) tablecloth in its previous life, but I have enough of those. In the spirit of repurposing things, it now looks like this:


My used-to-be-tablecloth as cover for the new ironing board


In a small flat, there is not too much extra space anywhere and the ironing board has lived in the bathroom for a few years, where there was a spot of vertical space between the washing machine and the wall. It gets dusty very fast, though, and I’m sure this (girly according to the husband) fabric will lessen the burden of maintenance of the home. In case you’re wondering, it is Apila (Clover) by Kristina Isola for Marimekko in 1999.

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