Signal flags quilt for my parents

This Signal flags quilt is the first quilt that I’m designing and the theme, while sounding very difficult, is actually rather easy apart from a couple more challenging flags. My parents love spending time on the sailing boat during Summer season and I think they very much might like a navy-themed quilt there. Social life is thriving in some of the harbours owned by the yacht club and I’m sure their friends would be green with envy when seeing such a unique piece on-board, so who knows, I might be able to do business on these in the future, especially if they were to be “limited edition”, haha. The only problem is they will have to not know the address of this blog until then, because the quilt will be a Christmas present (well, hopefully that will be the only problem with this quilt).


Mock-up of Signal flags quilt


I imported into the mock-up file pictures of the flags that obviously are of different colours, so the correct ones are portrayed below the quilt.  I will use Kona Snow in the flags and Kona White for sashing. The grey area is a space dedicated to some appliqué that I have not come up with yet, but I am imagining some knot or a boat maybe. The name of the boat could work nicely, too.

First I thought of some striped fabric for the two borders, but having them solid is a calmer yet rather dramatic solution. The stripes – hopefully in red, white and blue – will look great on the backside, though. This quilt is my second priority since I will practice on the baby quilt for E first, but it is indeed a Christmas present and sew, oops, so the sewing will take over the kitchen table frequently during Fall. The quilt will measure about 120 x 170 cm or 47” x 67”.

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