Investigating sewing machines

If I had endless amounts of money in the bank, I would not blink when coughing up the euros for one of the flashier sewing machines, but the budget is tight and I’m still a beginner at this noble trade. I don’t intend to use the machine for intricate embroidery or such, either, so many speciality stitches would go to waste. Plus I’m a bit reluctant to invest in a digital machine if I could do almost as well on an “analogue” one. While investigating manufacturers and users’ comments, I stumbled upon this fantastic round-up from Sew, Mama, Sew!, which is part of their series Sewing Machine Month. Especially the article Buying a New Sewing Machine caught my eye.

My mother has an ancient Husqvarna and I’ve done some projects on it over the years, so the brand is well-known to me plus it is reliable and still going strong; important when considering future repair and replacement situations. Based on some reviews I’ve read and the fact that it is on sale for a few more weeks, I’ve decided to go for the Emerald 116 model by Husqvarna Viking (wonder when the Viking attachment came to the name?). Sewing machines seem to be a lot less expensive in the U.S.A. to mention one country, but one will have to bite the bullet and accept that once again my country is insanely expensive. I’ll do my best to forget that with my budget I could get a very much more advanced model if I would live there, but then again I like living where I do, so Emerald 116 here we come! When friends are getting one baby after the other, I can name the sewing machine and maybe she will do an even better job then, who knows? At least she’ll get plenty of love from me.


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